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Software solutions for SMB, that is what we do.
And we specialise in Microsoft Dynamics business software for branches.
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Partner for industry-specific Microsoft Dynamics business software solutions

For every organisation the use of business software solutions is a must nowadays. Because every company wants to lower costs and provide good customer service. And that’s what we can help you with!

We are in business for more than 20 years already. And we have solid software solutions. We implement ERP solutions based upon Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. And we are member of the Offimac group, a reliable partner for industry-specific Dynamics software. With Offimac add-ons and apps for specific industries customers can quickly benefit from functionalities that fit their industry. And they do not need tailor-made development anymore. So they get faster ROI.

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Why Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Offimac as your business software solution?

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you find a lot of business software modules. And the power of this platform is that it has an application for every department. All of these applications seamlessly work together. On top they communicate with each other. And they provide good reporting. So customers can manage their operations from 1 single software platform. And they can do that very efficiently.

These are some of the standard Business Central modules:














Supply Chain


Office integrations









Offimac adds ready, industry-specfic functionalities to Business Central.

And the strengths of Offimac are 40 years of experience, an ISO:9001 approach and Microsoft CfMD certifications. Offimac business software is tested and approved by Microsoft. And therefore was granted the high-level Microsoft CfMD label. Because Offimac solutions are excellent in quality, support and future developments. And so customers are assured for reliable, future-proof software.

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Our software solution are powered by Microsoft. And they are designed for mobile use!

Microsoft Dynamics is business software for every department of your company. And it is mobile, just like your employees nowadays.

It is modern software for the modern generation, that is used to work anytime they want. From any location.

Because it can run on every device it is also very flexible. Whether you are using this software solution in the office, at home or on the move, your device can run Microsoft Dynamics and Business Central software. Because it works on Windows, Apple and Android. And it can be used on pc, tablet, laptop or smartphone. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is mobile by design. And that is what customers expect from their business solution nowadays.

Looking for a mobile software solution? This is the platform that will help you!

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Extra vertical apps and solutions for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central:

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CRM & Marketing

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Internet portals & shops

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Project management

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Service management

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Rental management

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Hardware & cloud

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Document management

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Office & SharePoint